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    TPK Prints: New Etsy Shop

    I’ve been a creative since I can remember. I learned cross-stitch as a child at my mother’s knee. I wrote stories and poetry as teenager, pouring my angst out onto the page in a time before computers were a household necessary. I would doodle on the edges of my school work until my teacher’s would get mad enough to send home notes to my parents and I would get in so much trouble. As an adult, I spent years floating from one creative activity to another. Making jewelry, sculpting clay, sewing bags, draperies and creating any number of other arts and crafts that you can do in an apartment. I…

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    10 Things I Hate About Art

    Every time I think about my art it fills me with wonder and joy. Well, not every time. Sometimes, it makes me cry or rage or fills me with sorrow or pain. AND that is good. Art is supposed to evoke feelings. But then there are times when art is devastating and I don’t mean the art itself or the making of art. I mean that sometimes I HATE art. Here are 10 times that I HATE art: Running out of art supplies Isolation Sales Social Media Clean Up Being a scaredy cat Real life cutting into my art time “I can’t be an Artist, I can’t even draw a…

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    Lines of Fire Painting: Complete Failure

    Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a new painting for my Crossing Lines series. This time, I was using the colors of fire, red, orange and yellow, as my color pallet and planned to add a silhouette with something representing fire. The background came out wonderful and I’m planning a tutorial showing you how I make the background for my Crossing Lines series. It’s really simple. However, the silhouette was a disaster. First, I wanted to use a dragon and then when I sketched out a dragon, I realized I had no idea exactly what I was doing and it was way beyond my skill level.…

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    Project: Awareness Ribbons and Safety Pin

    I have chosen to draw a number of Awareness Ribbons and other awareness icons. I’m planning on drawing more. It started back in October with the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon and Yellow Awareness Ribbon. This past week, I have added five more Awareness Ribbons and a Safety Pin. There are many reasons why Awareness is important in this day and political era. I’m not getting into that cluster f*ck here. I believe that everyone has the right to equality for any reason. No one person is better than any other. No group is better than any other group. No religion, no color, no race, no sexuality, no gender, no “your…

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    Project: InkTober 2016: Days 14-31

    The last half of October was a little too crazy. I went on vacation to visit my parents, got sick and only missed two days of drawing. Once I was home and well, I drew two drawings on two days to make up for the missed days.  InkTober was a lot of fun, but I found that drawing every day didn’t really work for me.  I prefer to draw in spurts and then not draw for a day or two.  I felt too pressured to get a drawing done every day.  Also, I like to mix it up a little bit.  I missed painting this month.  With drawing every day,…

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    Happy Boss’s Day!

    I made a little sign that I will put on my boss’ door at work for Boss Day this morning. I decided to share the sign with you. Pass it on! My boss’ favorite color is pink, so this sign is very, very pink.  If you like it, right click here and save it to your desktop.  Then just print the .pdf in color. Save Save kat_sanders

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    Project: InkTober 2016: Days 10-13

    This week has been tiring, but I made it through.  I was able to get all the drawing done this week, but it was hard.  I almost didn’t make it on Day 11 & 12.  Day 11’s ended up being a simpler drawing and I messed it up a little.  Day 12 ended up being just a line drawing and then I colored it this morning before drawing Day 13’s drawing. Day 10 is a hot air balloon because a hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list.  Day 11 is a Bottle of Poison.  Day 12 is a Sugar Skull.  Day 13 is a Necklace for a Princess.…

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    Project: InkTober 2016: Day 9

    Well, we are already nine days into InkTober.  I have learned a lot so far.  I am trying new techniques and combining new mediums.  This drawing was a lot of fun.  I tend to watch a lot of drawing and painting videos over on YouTube and there have been several painters who have made Halloween paintings where the houses were just black silhouettes.  If you have looked around this site at all, you know I love silhouettes. So, I had to put my spin on things.  Since I’m not really painting this month with InkTober, I decided to try this technique with a drawing.  Today’s InkTober is the result. Personally,…

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    Project: InkTober 2016: Day 7 & 8

    After how busy this last week has been, it was really nice to relax on Friday. I worked on my InkTober drawing, did a little reading, typed up yesterday’s post and relaxed. It was great. Today was a day of running errands and celebrating my best friend’s birthday. Then, coming home to my InkTober drawing and relaxing. Tomorrow is going to be just like yesterday, I hope. Day 7’s drawing is based on one of my favorite quotes: Day 8’s drawing – there are just so many ladies in my life that have either survived breast cancer or are still fighting breast cancer. I am so lucky that I haven’t…

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