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Why Digital Art Is Better Than Traditional Art

When I first started painting and drawing, I started with traditional art. All through my childhood and into adulthood, I doodled on everything. Then in my 30’s, I picked up a brush and started painting, which lead to colored pencils and Inktense. I have loved and hated each medium at times, but mostly loved. Then …

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TPK Prints: New Etsy Shop

I’ve been a creative since I can remember. I learned cross-stitch as a child at my mother’s knee. I wrote stories and poetry as teenager, pouring my angst out onto the page in a time before computers were a household necessary. I would doodle on the edges of my school work until my teacher’s would …

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10 Things I Hate About Art

Every time I think about my art it fills me with wonder and joy. Well, not every time. Sometimes, it makes me cry or rage or fills me with sorrow or pain. AND that is good. Art is supposed to evoke feelings. But then there are times when art is devastating and I don’t mean …

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5 New Freebies!

Hello, Art Lovers! I have just added 5 new coloring pages to the freebies sections.  Two for children and three for adults.   Here are small snapshots for each of them: If you would like to download these or any of the other coloring pages available, please visit the freebies page either through the menu above …

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