Kat’s Cool Coloring Books

In 2013, my oldest daughter gave birth to my grandson, Freddie. In 2014, I started thinking about what I could do with my art that could he could be involved in.  I came up with the idea of coloring books. I started drawing pictures of fish in a sketchpad.  Then as life has a habit of doing, it blew up.  I started having health issues and the coloring book idea got put on the shelf, literally in the case of the sketchpad.

Early in 2018, I was rearranging my drawing studio and came across that sketchbook filled with drawings of fish.  Looking through the sketchbook brought back my desire to make Freddie his coloring book.  Since 2013, my daughter has given birth to my granddaughter, Meagan.  She needs her own coloring book.  My brother’s wife gave birth to their first child, Wally in May 2018.  He needs his own coloring book as well.

How many coloring books will I make?  I have no idea.  I’m enjoying the process for now.  I keep it going as long as I am enjoying it.  Freddie’s Fantasy Fish is out for sale on Amazon (here).  Meagan’s Marvelous Meadow is out for sale on Amazon (here). I am working on Wally’s coloring book.  I’m also working on a coloring book with fantasy type weapons.

In the back of each coloring book, I make an offer to host colored pages on this site.  Please email me at kats.cool.coloring.books@gmail.com.  Please let me know your first name, last initial, where you live (City, State and Country only) and your age.  I’m planning to host the children’s coloring pages separately from the adults. (I’m also planning some coloring books geared more towards adults as well, but that will be in the future.)

NOW, that you have read through this long-winded spiel, here’s the good parts!



CHILDREN (12 & Under)

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TEENS (13-18)

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ADULTS (19 & Over)

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