Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Occasionally, I read articles to see which celebrities have come out in a gay relationship. As a pansexual woman, it interests me to see who I can relate to in the media. While reading through the latest list of celebrities that have come out, I found something that annoyed me. No, it didn’t annoy me. It pissed me off.

In the section on Meredith Baxter, they mentioned that she was married four times before she started dating her current female partner. BUT, they made this comment,

“Yes, that is right, she was not always a homosexual.”

I have a problem with this comment. It completely disregards bisexuality and pansexuality. They were using the word homosexual to include Baxter as part of the LGBTI community, but then dismissing her early life because she had a male partner, she should be part of the community.

I’ve had male and female partners. I don’t discriminate on who my partner is going to be based on the gender. So, what if my current partner is male, female or binary. I am still pansexual no matter whom I am with. Meredith Baxter is and was still a part of the community no matter the gender of her partner.

I’m single right now. I have no idea who my next partner is going to be or what gender they will identify as. I don’t really care. My only requirement for a partner is to be attracted to them in some way, shape or form. I must have a connection and the connection must be stronger than a friend connection to make it into a relationship.

No matter what, I am part of the GLBTI community, and I always have been.

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