After how busy this last week has been, it was really nice to relax on Friday. I worked on my InkTober drawing, did a little reading, typed up yesterday’s post and relaxed. It was great. Today was a day of running errands and celebrating my best friend’s birthday. Then, coming home to my InkTober drawing and relaxing. Tomorrow is going to be just like yesterday, I hope.

Day 7’s drawing is based on one of my favorite quotes:

Inktober Day 7

Day 8’s drawing – there are just so many ladies in my life that have either survived breast cancer or are still fighting breast cancer. I am so lucky that I haven’t lost anyone yet. While pink is not my favorite color is any way, shape or form, this is one cause for which I will proudly wear pink.

Inktober Day 8

I’m working on a larger version of each of these drawings. The Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon is going to be done in colored pencils on watercolor paper. I’m not sure what medium I want to use for the compass. I can’t decide between the Faber-Castell markers I used before on the watercolor paper or acrylic paint on canvas. What do you think? Markers or Acrylic? Let me know in the comments below.

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