This time of year seems to inspire everyone to look around and see what they want to change in their life. A new year is a natural beginning, a time to reflect and dream. It is the end of the holiday season, a chance to catch your breath. When you are working on your new year’s resolutions, what do you think about?

Do you only think about what you want? Or do you make a plan? Wanting and dreaming about something is great. It lets you know that things will change, get better, that you aren’t stuck. BUT if you don’t make a plan and stick with it, it won’t change, get better. You are still stuck.

This is my problem. I can organize and plan with the best. I come up with both simple and complicated systems to keep myself organize so I know what needs to be done and when. I know where things go and how to do them… I just can’t seem to keep up with those plans and systems. It is my biggest hang up. It keeps me from achieving my dreams.

My new year’s resolution for 2015 is to overcome this sticking point – to find a system, any system and keep working on it for all of 2015. I’m making a plan with goals and deadlines. I’m holding myself accountable. Not only will I give myself rewards when I achieve my goals, but if I don’t make my goals, there will be consequences. I don’t know about you, but I have found that I find the extra push to do something if I know there are consequences if I don’t make it.

Each month will have a theme when one part of my plan will be put into place. January will be making the plan itself. February will be step one… I’ll write a post a month about the plan and where I am with it. Did I make that month’s goal and what is my reward/consequence? Look for that post each month on the first of the following month and if you don’t see it, let me know. Kick my ass about it.

What kind of New Year’s Resolutions are you making this year? And are you planning them out?

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