I identify myself as both a writer and an artist. The writer builds stories through my articles and posts, both in my blog and on Medium. The artist draws and paints, on canvas and digitally. For each medium, I have a number of favorite crafters that I follow.

For art, it’s KillerNen and TheOneWithBear on Twitch and Lachri on YouTube. For writing, it’s Jenna Moreci on YouTube and Shaunta Grimes on Medium. These five have captured my attention and I am learning a lot from each of them. As time moves on, I’ll probably find other artists and writers to admire. When I do, I’ll write about them too. Until then, these are my favorites.



Nen Chang

On Twitch

Nen is an irreverent, in your face, amazing artist who doesn’t take shit from anyone. Her work is amazing, inspiring and breathtaking. Her work ethic is brillant. When she streams, it’s usually for 10-12 hours at a time. She is willing to give advice and believes in telling it like it is. She will encourage you in your art, but if you make the mistake of asking for a true critique of a piece of your artwork, she will tell you everything that is both good and bad about it. She takes no prisoners.


Sarajean Chung

On Twitch

Sarajean is a sassy, fun-loving, awesome artist who is willing to talk about a wide variety of subjects, including anime and manga. Don’t let her winning smile fool you. She will shut down trolls with a quirky comeback that will have you laughing as you run to the bathroom. Take some time to check out her Etsy shop and see her on Twitch. Her artwork is awesome and she is incredibly talented.


Lisa Clough

On YouTube

Lisa is a wonderful artist and teacher. Her YouTube videos give you precious tips on a variety of art mediums, from beginner to advance. She hosts a YouTube Live most Wednesday nights where she will answer questions, as long as they are asked nicely and politely. Really, all she asks is for proper internet etiquette. She is smart, beautiful and talented. She has a few physical ailments that she is overcoming and proving that making a living online through art is not impossible. She is one of my role models.


I have just picked up writing again in the last six months. It was something I was fanatic about in my 20s and then dropped because life got in the way. Now, I’m learning to love it again and these two writers are part of that.

Jenna Moreci

The Savior’s Champion – (Amazon Affiliate Link)

On YouTube

I read The Savior’s Champion because my best friend introduce me to Jenna’s YouTube channel. Jenna is amazing. She is fun and funny. Her videos have a lot of helpful information and are entertaining too. My best friend and I share a Nook account, so when my best friend bought TSC, I decided to read it. It is so good and I can’t wait for Book 2 to come out.

Shaunta Grimes

The Astonishing Maybe – (Amazon Affiliate Link)

On Medium

I found Shaunta on Medium as I write articles there too. I was exploring Medium looking for other writers, especially writers writing about writing and found Shaunta. She writes a lot of articles on Medium, like multiple articles a day. Sometimes, it hard to keep up with them, but I don’t mind. I signed up on her website and get a notice in my email when she writes another one.

She wrote the book, The Astonishing Maybe, which is a children’s book (age 10-14). I don’t usually read that sort of thing, but at one point she was offering a conference if you bought the book. Since the book was only $12, I though that wasn’t bad for an online writer’s conference. I decided to read the book since I bought it. It was awesome. It was deep and meaningful, which I wasn’t expecting from a children’s book. There are some very sensitive issues in the book handled in way that would make a lot of sense for 10-14 year olds. I ended up passing the book on to a group that my friend work with that has kids that age range, since I don’t know any children that age personally. (My grandkids are 3 & 5.)

These are my most admired role models for April 2019. I know that things will change and I find others on Twitch, YouTube, Medium to watch and read, but for now, I’m really enjoying these five. Take a look at them and see if you enjoy them too.

What artist and writers do you enjoy? Are they on Twitch, YouTube or Medium? If so, tell me about them and leave me a link to their social media.
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