Inanta – Our Adventuring World

It’s been a decade or more since I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons. My best friend, godson, his girlfriend, another friend, and I have are playing again. I’m the Dungeon Master, which is because I like to be in control and have to know everything that is going on. Plus, my godson’s girlfriend and our other friend are new to the game.

This being the case, I have created a world for us to play in. It’s called Inanta. I am creating maps, races, deities, non-player characters, and adventures. It’s my world to populate and my friends will find adventures in Inanta. I will flesh out the world over on World Anvil and if you would like to know more about our campaigns, please visit Inanta.

Daire Ada
Daire Ada – the first area we will explore

Daire Ada is the first area we will explore in our campaign. The map above is blank so as not to give away any secrets on what is coming up for our adventurers. As our adventurers explore each area, I will reveal each section of the map. I will give them hints and clues along the way to decide about where they will need to go next.

My best friend is playing a halfling named Azure Tealeaf. She is a sorceress with a Dragonborn ancestor. This plays a vital role in the current adventure, as the previous owner of the middle island, Sakiya, was Jheri Myastan, Elesa Dragon, was Azure’s great grandfather.

Sakiya Island had been home to Jheri Myastan for thousands of years. It is where he protected his various collections. He put up a ward around Sakiya to keep everyone away from his island, but now that he is dead the ward is failing.

The adventure is two-fold.

First, there is more than one heir to the island. Azure and her fellow adventurers will need to be the first to the castle on the top of the mountain in the middle of Sakiya. There, Azure will have to conduct a ritual to gain control of and power the wards.

Second, pirates fill the islands around Sakiya. These islands are also barren deserts, while Sakiya is a lush paradise. If the wards fall before Azure completes the ritual, the pirates will overrun Sakiya.

Morea – first starting location

Our adventure starts here on Morea, one of the pirate islands. Our party will start in the western port town of Alverton. There, they will have to decide if they will decide if they will make their way to the northern (Seameet) or eastern (Burnsley) ports. Which port, they decide on, will put them closer to one of two different docks on Sakiya. There are also two cities on this island. One they will have to pass through (Mordisi) and another they will only pass through if they take the northern route (Savos).

I have a lot more to work out for the first part of our adventure. I will start logging in what we get up to and how the adventure goes. I’m hoping to keep track of all my successes and failures as I go along. It’s been over a decade since I’ve done this, so I’m not sure how well this will go…

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