My best friend, Marsha, and I went to Ravencon this weekend.  It was awesome and so inspirational. Other than the costumes and panels, there were two concerts that sparked ideas for abstract paintings.

  • Valentine Wolfe
  • Bella Morte

Valentine Wolfe

Valentine Wolfe 02 Valentine Wolfe

Purveyors, Performers, and Composers of the finest Macabre Melodies for Voice, Double Bass, and Electronics. Proudly providing elegant decadence for Living, Dead, and Otherwise, since 2006.  (From the About Section on Valentine Wolfe’s Facebook Page)

Lady Sarah’s vocals were awesome but Lord Braxton’s double bass was mesmerizing.  The music has spawned an abstract painting which I will blog about in the near future.  Marsha bought two of their CDs so we will have all their awesomeness at home!!!

Bella Morte

Belle Morte - Andy and Me 03Belle Morte - Andy and Me 01 Belle Morte - Andy and Me 02

Bella Morte sings songs of love and loss, hope and despair. By combining electronics, graveyard ballads, emotive storytelling and unique guitar riffs, Bella Morte have developed a style that is solely their own. (From the About Section on Bella Morte’s Facebook Page)

Marsha and I had the privileged to meet Andy Deane, the lead singer of Bella Morte, when he sat down at our table on Friday night at Ravencon.  Andy and Marsha spent 30 minutes or more discussing horror films.  I wasn’t able to contribute as that isn’t my genre.  We had no idea who he was until he introduced himself at the end of our conversation.

On Saturday, Bella Morte played their concert and they were amazing.  I ended up buying one of their CDs.  The concert also inspired an idea for a painting which I will upload pictures of once the painting is complete.

(For lots of pictures of Ravencon, go to my blog, Wicked Pride Design, by clicking here)

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