World Anvil is running a world building summer camp this month, and I’m taking part.

During Worldbuilding Summer Camp, we challenge you with 33 prompts to get you motivated, inspired, and ready to worldbuild! Take part, grow your world, and win prizes!

World Anvil

It’s day 3 and I’ve already submitted my first six of the ten prompts that are available. I’m working on the rest. They are available here:

Compass of Mar

Trident of Sila

Hana Alita

Tita Lobos

Adana Potion Overdose


I have also been making some art for my articles. I used a full moon I made earlier in the year for Alqamar:

Alqamar – Inanta’s First Moon

Then I made two fresh pieces of art for Compass of Mar and the Trident of Sila.

Compass of Mar By Kat Sanders
Trident of Sila By Kat Sanders

I’m pulling pictures from Unsplash for the rest of my articles as appropriate. I’m hoping to get all 10 available prompts finished by the end of the weekend.

Check them out and let me know what you think!!!

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