My biggest dream in life is to travel the US and worldwide, but I have a unique way I want to travel.  I don’t want to spend a few days or weeks in one place.  I want to spend months or a year in an area and really explore it.  I want to visit all the tourist destinations and then find the out of the way places only the locals know.  I want to get to know the people and the culture. I want to really explore the area I’m visiting.  Then once my time is done, I want to move on and explore the next area.

My first stop is Orlando, FL.  I want to buy a season pass to Disney World and really explore the parks.  I want to explore Universal Studios and the other parks around Disney.  I want to explore the region around Orlando and find out what else there is in Florida to do.  I want to take a weekend trip to the Keys (or a week).  I want to invite my family to visit, so they can go to Disney too. I want to spend a year exploring Orlando.

Then I want to move somewhere else for a year, and then somewhere else for a year.  Each year to be spent in a different local, most in the US, but I want to spend my time exploring the wider world as well.  I want to spend at least six months in the UK, Australia, Peru and other places in the world.  I want to be able to afford a translator so I can visit non-English speaking countries, because I’m terrible at languages.  My brain doesn’t work in a way to pick them up.

Then, when I’m tired of traveling, I’ll pick a home base from which ever place was my favorite and retire there, wherever that ends up.  Maybe I’ll buy a house, maybe I’ll live in a camper, so I can still take off and travel, maybe I’ll go back to what I know now and live in an apartment, but whatever that is, I’ll have traveled the world and made my dreams come true.

Then again, maybe I’ll never get tired of traveling and this is how I’ll live the rest of my life, moving from one destination to the next, never know where I’ll be the for the next year until I’m there.  That sounds heavenly.

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