This blog is my way of displaying my art, of showing it to the world.  I want to highlight what I’m working on at any given time.  Sometimes the project is so short that all you see is the finished product.  Sometimes I have the time to photograph several stages as I complete them.  Each project is unique but builds off projects before.  You will see an array of themes, mediums, and techniques as well as various arts and crafts. And yes, most of my artwork is for sale. Check out my Etsy shop to see what is for sale at this time.

Each project will be given a name, which will be used as a tag.  There is a tag list in the sidebar to make it easier to see all the posts that go with that project.  If you would like to see all the projects, please click the Project link in the menu.

Some of the finished artwork will be for sale and some won’t.  If it is for sale, then I will add it to my store.  Occasionally, the artwork will go become prizes in a drawing I will host.  If you want to know when those drawings will happen, then you need to become a part of my tribe by filling out the form to the right to receive free updates or liking my Facebook artist page by clicking here.

I would love to hear feedback.  Remember that I put my heart and soul into these works of art.  I can take constructive criticism, but don’t be mean about it.  Flames will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Please feel free to ask questions.

Kat Sanders
The Painted Kat

Ongoing Projects

LGBTQIA+ Artwork


Special Projects

Awareness Ribbons and Icons

Crossing Lines (ongoing – need to update)

Christmas Cards (yearly)

Giraffe Silhouette (ongoing – need to update)


Closed/Finished Projects

Inktober 2016 (complete)

30 Days of Drawing (closed)

Love Makes A House A Home (complete)

Monthly Desktop Wallpaper (closed)

Swaps (closed)


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